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Conferencia ARARA 2009

ARARA 2009 in Bakersfield, California, May 22-25. More information will be posted later.

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The weekend of May 22-25. 2009, is the next scheduled ARARA conference in Bakersfield, California.  Bakersfield was selected for the privilege of hosting this event because of its unique location, nestled between the California Coast Range, Transverse Range, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and its abundant collection of rock art and other archaeological treasures.

The Mountains surrounding Bakersfield contain a rich and varied collection of cultural resources from several different Native American groups, including Chumash and Yokuts.  Between the San Joaquin Valley and the Santa Barbara coast line is an area which until recently has been relatively undisturbed by archaeologists.  The results of recent research into the "space in between" will be one of the highlights of the 2009 conference.

However, the main reason that Bakersfield was chosen to host the 2009 ARARA meeting is the rock art.  The surrounding area that contains some of the most impressive pictographs and petroglyphs in the United States.  The Bakersfield team is working on securing field trips to such sites as Tomo Kahni State Park, Rocky Hill, Burham Canyon, Mutah Flat, Carrizo Plains, Vandenburg AFB, China Lake NWC and Little Lake, to name a few.  Please check future editions of La Pintura and the ARARA web page for more information on the field trip schedule.  We plan to offer field trips on both Friday and Monday in an effort to accommodate as many people as possible.

The Bakersfield team is reaching out to local archaeologists in an attempt to encourage as many as possible not only to attend the meeting, but also to present the results of their recent research in this area.  It is not too early for you to begin thinking about presenting a paper at the 2009 ARARA Conference as the call for papers will be coming soon.

The Doubletree Hotel has been chosen as the host hotel for this meeting.  ARARA has managed to secure rooms at an incredible price for such wonderful accommodations.  The Doubletree Hotel is centrally located, situated between restaurant row on Rosedale Highway and the eclectic nightlife of the newly revived downtown area. While in Bakersfield, you may want to partake of local Basque Restaurants, Country Culture, or outdoor activities.  Bakersfield is but an hour away from class 5 river rafting in the Kern Canyon, there are miles of remote hiking just a short drive in any direction, just 2 hours away there are Pacific beaches and in a little under 2 hours you can reach the wine district of Paso Robles.  As you can see, Bakersfield could easily be your vacation destination for 2009.

Please, mark your calendars for the weekend of May 22-25, 2009, and watch La Pintura, ARARA Online, and the ARARA web page for more information on this exciting conference.

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